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13 Mar
I actually did a whole morning’s work today. Like, did useful stuff and everything. One flaw of having to sit down most of the time is that I ended up being given some data entry. Hmm. Plus, seeing as I ordinarily only work til 1pm most days, I’m practically back to the grind.
Conversation at coffee time was, and I fear evermore shall be, about "Castaway", since one of our number who left to go on a mysterious sabbatical has ended up in New Zealand and on the tele. Our office now feels really quite almost-famous. Forget being world leaders in various fields of medical research – we have a colleague on a reality TV show!
What else? Took a very cold but fun trip about as far north as you can get, to Teesside on a leaders’ conference. And learnt that it’s spelled with a double "s", amongst other far more important things about God and the church. Oh, and that Wimpy has not completely gone out of business but retains a small outpost in the north. Shame. Got my leg prayed for, and something or other happened – the x-ray will tell. It was amazing to see the sea after being far too landlocked for ages too. It was also good to get out of this house! Ahh, she doesn’t get out much, the poor little cripple….
Apart from that I’ve been huddling with Year Team, suddenly remembering I have an essay to write, thinking about going to Poland, and trying to proofread Simran’s unintelligible thesis. Not unintelligible because it was badly written, but because it was so well written that I had to use a dictionary to understand every other sentence. And if there’s one person who really doesn’t need me to correct his punctuation…. But sadly I get some kind of grim satisfaction out of proofreading. Let it be said again. Mel is a geek.

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