The hamster; the legend.

15 Mar
Tonight I faced a dilemma I have never before faced: whether to go to the Bingo or attend a hamster’s funeral.
Since the hamster in question was the mighty Little B, my hamster hero, the latter was the obvious choice.
It might be a little insensitive, but you really had to laugh at what an absurd moment it was as we all stood around a tiny grave in our back garden in the dark, listening to Helen Rayner give a eulogy to a hamster on speakerphone. Our neighbours really must think we’re a cult now.
What can be said but that she was the coolest hamster I have ever met? And Bulan Road’s most popular housemate. Nobody will want to come n visit us now. She MADE us. Well Lil B, live fast, die young. Respect.

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