Oswald Chambers

18 Mar
was a bit of a dude.
Here’s a fragment I like from one little chunk of "The Place of Help", about Christian love – for Jesus, not for a cause. Devotion to a Person, not to doing good works in their name. Love and enthusiasm that lasts, even through the mundane.
"…the deliberate laying down of the life, not in one tragic crisis, but in the grey face of actual facts unillumined by romance, obscured by the mist of the utter commonplace, spending the life out deliberately day by day for my Divine Lord and His friends…
"The highest Christian love is not devotion to a work or to a cause, but to Jesus Christ… Causes are good, and work is good, but love in these fails…"

One Response to “Oswald Chambers”

  1. MrTimUk 20/03/2007 at 10:23 pm #

    That’s awesome :o)

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