simple pleasures

27 Apr
The sad thing is, I can’t think of anything worth writing about on here; the even sadder thing is that upon trying to think of something, the most exciting thing that springs to mind is that we have got a new printer in my office.
No ordinary printer this! Oh no. This is a printing, faxing, photocopying monarch of the administrative world! No more climbing a flight of stairs to use the photocopier only to find that you have forgotten the code you need to type in anyway and having to go back down and up and down again. Gone are those days. Gone too are the paper and time-wasting days of printing off a hugely long document and then taking it upstairs just to photocopy it doublesided in order to save paper (go figure). For this strange and wonderful printer of the future can print onto both sides of the paper straight away!
Last week I was laughing at Ryan for getting so excited about this. But this week I have found myself actually going "wooow" and really enjoying sending faxes. Oh help me.
More exciting things have happened, surely? Think a little bit harder, Mel. Am enjoying our youth cell, and have had some good chats with folks from streework who have showed up at church. Walking around Oxford again at last in the glorious spring sunshine has been a gift and I really love this place, it’s absurdly beautiful! So good to get out and about in it again at last. Like the parks. Sorry David that I threw your ball in the river. But I’m glad my crutch came in handy for fishing it out. Seeing college friends at long last has also been exciting. I am in dire need of a lie-in, having been to too many courses and weddings on consecutive weekends – all of which have been brilliant though, however tiring. Getting thoroughly taken through Romans by Steve T this week was amazing too. Hmmm, I think God’s stunning and mindblowing rescue of the human race might just about top the printer. Even its double-sided printing function.

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