17 Jun
You know we live in Real House when it is time to get a pet. Yesterday we went to visit our potential kitten, who is very small and very cute, and pending the outcomes of the Bulan Kitten Conference 2007, will probably end up being called Artemis – the hunter. We really wanted to get a cat and call it Socrates (this seems to be one of Lou’s life ambitions), but we are now getting a girl and so can’t really pull that off I don’t think.
Talking of new members of the household, I finally replaced the faithful, but utterly crippled, Mike the Bike. Let us hope that Spike lives a longer life and bears his rider to more pleasant destinations than the trauma ward. I still don’t really fancy the busy roads and have become the most polite cyclist ever – heck, I’ll pull over and stop to allow cars to pass the other way. No no, after you, I insist.. Prayers please for my road safety and that the stylish flourescent tabard will allow everyone within a mile radius to see me coming. It’s so much easier than walking though, for the leg and for my impatience. Now I remember why I liked cycling. Alas poor Mike.
This morning witnessed my first attempt at preaching…. the good people of Cote Baptist Church foolishly gave their morning service entirely into our hands, so the Year Team did a four-person tag team preach. Was uber-nervous beforehand but it seemed to get less scary as we worshipped and remembered what the point of us being there was – for God to speak rather than for us to be eloquent professionals, and as I got going, a) it got less scary, and b) I realised that half of what I had written down was a lot of rubbish and said the same thing twice, so I ditched some of it. I think I did win the prize for best slip of the tongue though, suggesting that David wanted to kill God, rather than his persecutor Saul… which required me to stop and laugh for a moment.
I have eaten this weekend entirely through the medium of barbecues, which isn’t a bad way to go, although yesterday’s was suddenly and dramatically rained-off. Yesterday’s post-finals festivities at Alice’s house also involved the SJC guys ending up playing football with two small boys. None of those guys like playing football – I’ve never seen any of them play in my life, and they were a bit reluctant to humour the kiddies at first – but it turned into a game of such ferocity that the kids were relegated to keeping goal in case they got in the way. What happened? Was quite amusing to watch though, especially from our unintentional women’s corner on the steps, where we discussed knitting and having children and looked after the boys’ stuff for them. Oh dear.

2 Responses to “June”

  1. James Edwards-Smallbone 17/06/2007 at 10:23 pm #

    Hahaha – you lot can’t half pull off a barbeque! Although to be honest it scares me a little that I’m more likely to have been in the "knitting and kiddies" group than the "manly pursuits" group :s

  2. mel 11/07/2007 at 10:23 pm #

    PS oh yeah, Mrs Denise Ranyer even brought some plastic bags for us to sit on in case the ground was wet.
    Oh my.

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