8 Jul
I thought about this a long time ago but never wrote it down. This year I’ve rather enjoyed being a twentysomething. It’s a stage of life that some people completely miss out on. Sharing a house with friends rather than family, all of whom have (or had until recently) rather crummy jobs that they only did to pay the rent, while they made the most of the rest of their time. Coming home and moaning about it all to each other. Having friends round, going to friends. Real life, not studentdom, but shared with mates. See, my sister totally bypassed this whole stage of life by leaving uni and immediately getting married. I’m sure that was the best thing for her, but I’m glad I haven’t missed this out.
Remember when you were at school and you used to watch Friends and think, wow, imagine that, working and living with your friends and hanging out… well, we’re there now. Yeah, we’re just like them – except our hair is less immaculate, and a waitress could never afford to rent that massive apartment, and we don’t communicate solely in one-liners (most of the time), and we have some friends other than our housemates, and we get quite tired a lot of the time, and our work schedules do not allow us to spend 3 hours per day drinking in a coffee house, and instead of a monkey or a chick and a duck we have a cat. Apart from that, yeah, we’re just like them! But one thing’s true – Friends is never about the characters’ careers, that’s just not an important aspect of the show, and the way we like living, it doesn’t seem to be a particularly important aspect of our show either.

One Response to “Twentysomething”

  1. Alice 30/08/2007 at 10:23 pm #

    Mel, you are a genius. And your life sounds fun. I must join in when I finally leave studentdom. And I must go camping.

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