If you wanna save the world…

9 Jul
 So on Saturday night I flicked on the TV and caught a little bit of "Live Earth" from Wembley. I’m not sure I’m really qualified to comment as I only watched about half an hour, but I’m going to anyway.
I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just me being cynical – I’m pretty sure this was one of the most farcical things the world has seen in a while.
So – let’s battle climate change and save the world! Yes, good idea.
Let’s do this by putting on half a dozen huge stadium concerts! Erm… The millions of people who go to watch will all drive there in their cars. The stars themselves will fly in on their private jets, in time to get there to tell the world not to fly unnecessarily on planes. We have to reduce carbon emissions, you know. Then a huge amount of energy will be used up by the huge amps, the sound systems and the lighting of the enormous stadiums.
Up in gigantic lights will be messages like "don’t leave the lights on!"
The half hour that I saw included a beautiful piece of farce where, in a "symbolic act", all of the non-essential lighting in Wembley stadium was turned off for all of 30 seconds. The crowds cheered in rapturous acclaim of this energy-saving statement. Of course, all of the lights would have already been off for the entire night, had there not been a great big concert on at Wembley.
If this didn’t strike you as just too absurd to be true, I kept watching just long enough to hear Madonna actually say:
"If you wanna save the world, jump up and down!"
Yes. That should do it.
Maybe I’m being uber-cynical, but  I’m not convinced that Gordon Brown’s awareness of climate issues will really have been boosted by the wise words of Madonna. In which case, what on earth was the point of all that? A fairly good concert, held at the expense of the planet’s resources, surely?

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