working on the nine to five

13 Aug
So on my way to bed, it suddenly seems like a good idea to delay this and be really tired tomorrow by writing something. I’ll be quick.
Life is much less busy now. After a few weeks enjoying a rest I feel I am now treading the fine line between being healthily chilled-out and unhealthily lazy. I’m working 4 days out of 5 now, but rather than that being a shock to the system I am still hugely less tired than I was doing Year Team! Two and a half jobs at once took it out of ya. So yes, I am now actually assisting with scientific research – by stuffing envelopes with questionnaires to participants. Oh, and taking questionnaires from participants out of envelopes. It strikes me that research, while occasionally interesting, is probably not as exciting to carry out as it is to read about and criticise from the comfort of a coffee table in Nero’s.
So that’s about it at the moment, apart from a bit of organisation of streetwork and City Lunch and all that jazz. Missing everyone who has left Oxford for the summer, or forever. It’s quiet and I would like some more people to play with.
Charley and I had a bit of a whim last week and decided to book a holiday to Rome. Well, we both have the week off next week. And we’re disillusioned by the British abolition of summer and have always wanted to go there.
We are going to camp.
Because we have loved our camping experiences so far this year. Or maybe it’s cos it’s cheaper. And you know it’ll result in funnier anecdotes later.
This is where I’m glad that Charley knows quite a bit of Italian, and where I discover that all I can remember from a term of Italian lessons 6 or 7 years ago is the word "francobolli!" Useful. It means "stamps". I think I’ll be fine.

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