Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s….

1 Oct
nineteen ninety-five.
I wondered if it was worth the eight of us going allllll the way to Pembrokeshire just for about 48 hours – but it so was.
It’s hard to believe Year 13 (or 6A) was five years ago, and that it’s five years since we last braved the freezing temperatures of Amy’s remote cottage. I got all sorts of flashbacks as we explored the house. Can’t remember which room I slept in last time, but the kitchen suddenly made me remember the best roast potatoes in the world ever which Leggy accidentally cooked in the dodgy oven, with butter cos we had no oil. We tried to replicate them this time, and they were good, but well, you can’t really recreate a truly magical moment.
We hiked all the way up and back down the "mountain", saw some stunning views, argued with very prickly bushes, and fell in mud, but even the cripple made it with the help of a big stick.
The oven really only had a "cold" setting, so after a couple of games of Square Dead Baby King (tea and bread with guns?), we decided to pass the time by having a look at the house’s tape collection. Oh my days. Now 29, Now 30, Now 31 – could our joy get any greater?! Instantly plunged back into our Year 7 dance lessons, Stoats and Westi decided to compose a "Tribute to Lanyon", making liberal all of our dance teacher’s trademark moves such as the grapevine, the boxstep, and of course those teddybear rolls. I’m not sure if hyperactivity or several glasses of wine were really to blame for this, but everyone was quite sober when havin’ it large to the Spice Girls. I love the fact that we can all still remember all the words to the rap, and it was very obvious that each of us did once spend a long time making up a dance routine to that song in the privacy of our own bedrooms. And each others’ bedrooms. Man, we’ve known each other too long.
And thank God for that – you guys are amazing, and I can’t believe we can still have so much fun together. I can feel so very comfortable while being organised by Amy, looked after by Westi, engaged in hilarious and frank discussion by Tabby, encouraged by Eli, hugged by Na, entertained by Ella and Legs, involved in a disaster because of Sarah, and laughed at by all of them. Over our late-night roast dinner, I realised that Amy’s traditional toast "to absent friends" didn’t have to stretch far, and after all these years that is some kind of small miracle.

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