Live outside the box

4 Nov
It suddenly seems like blogging was something I did in some former life. Despite all the rubbishness of “windows live spaces” I shall try to persevere, for my dedicated audience of… err… myself?
Weeks going by alarmingly quickly with little of note happening. I do now have a second job, as official SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) monitor for foreign branches of PricewaterhouseCoopers and friends. Yes, I joked for a while about becoming a professional proofreader. And it has finally actually happened. I have to admit, writing things like “you need to be careful about your use of the plural” on the top of audit reports and such like does put a smug little smile on my face. I’ll have to be careful about that ;o)
Just been to Reading to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday. Made me feel positively sprightly. Mind you, with a matter of days until I hit the mid-twenties, I am having to fight a little to keep thinking outside the box. It was good to speak to some sane Christian friends at the weekend who can see past the culture. You will get very strange looks in this world if you truly believe that a successful life has nothing to do with progressing along a career path and gaining promotions until you have no time to spend with your family any more. That growing up is not measured by borrowing thousands of pounds to buy four walls. That maturity is not the same as having a car, nice clothes, and lots of debt. And that “making it” in life is not at all about how much money is lying around in your bank account while millions of others starve. I know that this is a million miles from all that God intended us to spend our precious lives on. I really am more concerned about who I become than about what I do, and I’m pretty sure he is too. But tell that to your ten year school reunion ;o)

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