The Tortoishell Houdini

9 Nov
I have to admit, when Charley arrived home today and was shocked to see Artemis in the house, swearing that she’d shut her outside, I was a little skeptical. Perhaps she’d snuck back in the door as Charley was leaving, without her noticing (the same tactic that has got her shut inside several cupboards and wardrobes – heh heh).
Charley was pretty sure though, so we began to wonder how on earth the Magical Mistress Mistoffelees had wound up back inside a locked house. The only thing slightly ajar was Charley’s first-floor bedroom window. Nah, surely not?..
Later misbehaviour this afternoon resulted in Ms deBulan being shut out again. All doors locked. However, barely half an hour later I left my room only to meet Arty sauntering down the hallway. At this point I began to wonder whether she might actually have magical powers. Went upstairs to look at the window. It was surely not a cat’s width open. To get to it would involve a giant leap of six feet upwards and two or three across from the neighbour’s wall onto the flat roof, plus another three foot jump from the roof to the barely-open window, no doubt involving a Lion King moment dangling there and squeezing through.
I had to know. I shut her out again and went to stake out the window. Unfortunately, she whined and meowed and sulked outside the back door for ten minutes and then disappeared off up the garden. Clearly she wasn’t going to reveal her mysterious powers to me.
Tonight, though, she went out again, so we shut the doors and hung out in Charley’s room. Eventually (with a lot of whinging) a pair of glowing eyes appeared on the garden wall. She meowed at us standing there laughing at her misfortune, loud enough to really annoy the neighbours. Eventually though, she decided to show us her skills. I really didn’t think she could make that jump. I was Impressed. She even overcame the Lion King precipice moment. It turns out that the prospect of losing the sofa and staying outside like some kind of animal can even inspire wussy little Arty to daredevil feats.

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