Great Great Auntie Mel

17 Nov
Birthdays are all about making reluctant friends trudge through the mud on a pointless walk to nowhere with no interesting views, exciting footpaths being closed, and a nice pub lunch being slightly marred by an irate landlady who won’t cater for that many people at once.
:o) Thanks guys! I rather enjoyed myself, even if it was slightly at your expense.
I was actually rather touched that the Standard Six all bothered to come along / over / up from their various locations around the country. Aah.
And yes, as Meg pointed out, this time last year I was saying that I would be scared upon reaching twenty-four, as I still think of that being my sister’s age. Well, yeah that is a bit bizarre, but I’m not too beat up about it any more. Feeling rather grateful for my wonderful friends instead, and plodding on.


So Lou has just arrived back from Uganda and fallen asleep on the sofa, despite protesting, "I’m not going to take a nap.." And the other one should be back from Nigeria tomorrow… out of Africa and back to Bulan, both of them. It will be nice, it’s been quiet and will be good to have the strange little family reunited :o)

One Response to “Great Great Auntie Mel”

  1. Simon 18/11/2007 at 10:22 pm #

    You love ’em really ;-)I think 24 will scare me, but because it’s the age Miss Dunning is.  (My High School form teacher).  But I have yearrrs before that happens.  Just.xx

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