4 Dec
Sometimes the weekend flies by without you really noticing, and you feel like you haven’t even sat down before it’s Monday again. This weekend, though, I think we had a very sucessful Saturday.
Since various members of the household had been fasting for 1-3 days and praying til midnight, we began with a lie-in, and I woke to the sounds of Becky and Charley making a monster cooked breakfast at about 11am. All things considered, I think this is one of my favourite ways to be woken up.
Over breakfast, we discussed Lou’s burning desire to get a real Christmas tree this year, and ended up deciding that we might as well go and get one that afternoon. So once dressed, Lou, Charley and I piled into the car and drove to Yarnton. It was at this point that we realised we were getting a) old, and b) stereotypically British, since we spent the afternoon "going round a garden centre". I believe Kate Fox points out that this is one of those curious British past times – it’s like it’s a museum or an art gallery or a zoo or something, rather than a large shop. Still, we enjoyed ourselves, looked at the animals, reminisced about my previous pets (fish, geckos, snakes..), and bought Arty a toy in which she is wholly uninterested. Lou was almost as excited at the idea of having a cream tea as she was about the tree, so we got one, even though it wasn’t on the menu.
It was when we were looking at the trees that we suddenly realised that there probably wasn’t room for one with three people in the car. We didn’t really think that through. We told the tree man that we were just wondering how big a tree we could fit in the car.
"What type of car?"
"A Nissan Micra."
He just laughed.
Anyway, with a bit of mavouvering, we managed to put the back seats down, stuff the tree in, and sit me on top of the seats, basically in the boot, hugging the tree. Sometimes it’s annoying being the smallest person around. Still, I have definitely had worse boot-riding experiences. Like the fifteen people in a taxi incident in Peru. Ahh, good times. Quite cramped times.
We were going to put the tree in the garden for a while, but when we got back we couldn’t think of another time when we would all be together to decorate it, so what the hey, we ended up decorating the tree, and the whole house, on the 1st December. After which, well, why not mull some wine, get some mince pies and have some people round? Let’s call it an Advent party. Having been to an Epiphany party, that no longer seems so unreasonable. And there are few more relaxing and cheering activites than sipping some warm mulled wine in a room lit by candles and fairy lights and looking at a rather wonky tree named Eileen. 
So by the time I went to bed, I could go to sleep happily, feeling like it was one of the most satisfying Saturdays in a long time, and like it was Christmas Eve. At least one of those was true.

One Response to “Saturday”

  1. Simon 06/12/2007 at 10:22 pm #

    Almost makes me feel like spending the day working in the library wasn’t the best Saturday ever…But THIS Saturday – I am going to sleeeeeeeeeep

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