what’s in a name?

26 Dec
So it turns out that on holiday in Bristol, I really have very few other more exciting things to do than to write this.
Tis wonderful to see the Bristol posse, and great to be back at Ebe and be so thoroughly welcomed by all of them and enjoy carols with gusto (and Kidder on the drums). But I have got out of the habit of watching TV, and it is a little unsettling to try and get back into it.
Anyway, hope your Christmasses were merry. One of the best things about mine was watching the next generation scamper around at my Auntie’s house. No Lorrie this year, but we had bossy, cheeky 4 year-old Ella, sweet 6 year-old Ben, and their indefatigable 10 month-old brother Rory – seriously, I have never seen an infant crawl around at such speed for such a long time, in such a persistent manner (but his gorgeous smile means he gets away with it). Plus the newest arrival, their cousin little Maddie, who already has the most wonderful little grin. All these plus their parents (my cousins), my parents, my auntie and uncle and some of their parents.
This combination meant that the funniest thing about this Christmas was working out what to call people. Almost everyone present had three names to choose from: Auntie R was variously referred to as Auntie, Mum, or Granna. My Mum is Mum, Auntie Karen or Great Auntie Karen. Grampy maybe got the best deal as Dad, Grampy or Great Grampy (sounds very grand). But this meant that when talking to the kids, I had to pause for thought in the middle of my sentence while my brain worked out what I needed to say.
"My don’t you go and show that to Auntie…. er…. er… Granna?"
"Go and ask….. Caro … er… your… ask Mum!"
What a pain. Throughout it all I managed to retain the title of "Mel" (or "Melissa", I suppose), making addressing me far more convenient to all concerned. Just wait til next year though, when we have more grandparents with shiny new grandparent names, and an auntie very insistent upon being correctly addressed as "Cool Auntie Mel." If you please.

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