Office migration

17 Jan
There comes a season in which every office worker must spread her wings like a lever arch file, take to the air like so many photocopies left next to a window in a gust of wind, and fly south in search of new territories.
For Dangermel, that time is now. I had not mentioned it before, but at long last I have been actually employed for money by Latin Link in tropical Reading, which is one step cooler than dressing up as a Peruvian and harassing people to go to South America just for fun and discounts. So, yesterday I said a rather fond farewell to Primary Health Care – to my nice colleagues, my lovely bosses who visited me in hospital and let me have months off sick, the plants I’ve tended and watered, the amazing printer, and Tim the Skeleton. Gonna miss that guy.
It’s been a great bit of office experience in a cheerfully laid-back atmosphere, and here are some of the things that I will now have to do without:
– no more making coffee for the whole department
– no more 36 days’ annual leave
– no more afternoons of data entry
– no more Oxford bodcard holders’ priviledges
– no more emptying, reorganising or recycling of the contents of whole filing cabinets
– no more taking a day off with 24 hours’ notice (I presume..)
– no more being the very underqualified technical support guy
– no more uber-civilized Christmas parties that last an hour before everyone leaves to pick up their kiddies
– no more making unnecessary trips up and down stairs to the photocopier because I have run out of things to do
– no more grinning at Anthea and Jason’s deeply melancholic humour
– no more sly trips to the biscuit tin
– no more cycling to Headington in the rain to buy more biscuits for the biscuit tin
The saddest thing (apart from the goodbyes, obviously) was Ryan making me hand over my Bodcard and destroying it. Rubbish! I must get me a readers’ card as soon as possible – it’s like the magical key to the city in these parts. Actually, the good thing is that now I have started my course in Christian Counselling, I am eligable to get an NUS card. Wonderful – it’s worth it just to get back my dear departed student discount ;o)
Will miss the old place, I reckon.
Hope they can work out how to make their own coffee and stack the dishwasher. I shall lie awake at night worrying about who is going to take the minutes. Maybe.

One Response to “Office migration”

  1. Anne Thomas 18/01/2008 at 10:21 pm #

    So, you have flown south o Melbird- whither hast though flown and where hast thou landed?  Your faithful public await further details with bated breath! OVW

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