Not a lot

30 Mar
What can I tell you?
Have had a week off my studies and so supposedly caught up on sleep, but this was nicely undone by celebrating the Fesitval of Lou all weekend, whereby a late night combined with losing an hour resulted in much too little shut eye last night. Was fun though :o) Especially high tea in a cafe for which we were terribly underdressed.
Not a lot of note to report right now, just in the pondering stage about whether or not to move (boo hoo) and/or get a third job. A little excited thinking about Mr Roberts’ wedding in the summer. Relearning to drive is still a rather more fun experience than learning to drive ever was in the first place (Hannah Davis I am so very indebted to you) – tomorrow we might even face my fear of roundabouts. Come on! Most learner drivers are still better than me, but we’re getting there.
About to judge a (rather difficult) competition I set on The Pygmy Giant.
Oxford won the boat race, which I didn’t see and don’t really care about but like having it there to hold over my Cambridgite sister.
It’s been really encouraging talking again on msn to Henrry, mi hermano en Peru after a long while. Incredible how you can forget sometimes how well some people understand you, and chatting to them again is something like coming home. And it’s a crazy miracle that God can make that happen between seemingly random people from totally different cultures, languages, backgrounds and continents! Speaking of which, this week I’ve found out the answers to the prayers that Juan, Hanna and I prayed for each other last time we met up in London. I got the Latin Link job. Jonny is going to train as a vicar. And Hanna is moving to New Zealand! None of us forsaw that being the upshot of all our pondering and praying, but hey it’s much more exciting that way. Will miss you in this hemisphere, but go for it Hanita.. :o)
And I’m still trying to find out where old ladies buy their walking sticks.. hmm.
Arty meanwhile has been getting excited about her new scratching post. Life is simpler for the small and furry.
And, for those who are interested, the final takings from the sarcasm fine box for the 3 weeks of Lent in which I actually made an effort, totalled £4.78. Which isn’t a multiple of 10p, somehow, but reflects 50 slipups in 3 weeks, which is rather poor. So I guess I owe Latin Link a fiver. Glad they benefit slightly from my failure to be nice :o)

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