queer as folk

13 Apr
I didn’t really have any plans for Saturday, so obviously I ended up going to the Oxford Folk Festival. This was largely (but not exclusively) crowded out by men with beards drinking cider – tons of people in the Town Hall having a whale of a time. I went to see the excellent Alice and Jamie do a proper gig.
I didn’t think I was particularly a fan of folk music unless you class (as some do) Damien Rice, Jose Gonzales and friends. But they really were excellent, I was much impressed, the only band of the day to get an encore, plus Alice’s never-before-heard singing voice wasn’t half bad!


It was only on Tuesday night that I went to the pub with some friends – a pub I’ve never been to before – and found that one end of it was full of blokes loudly watching Liverpool v Arsenal, and the other end was full of people clutching bagpipes, violins, and, I kid you not, a hurdy gurdy. I was just thinking how crazy they looked when one turned round and cried, "Mel! Yes, wherever there is folk in this town, there is Alice Little. :o)
I’ve never seen a hurdy gurdy before. They are pretty cool. If you like that kind of thing.
The folk fesitval enabled a bit of laughing at morris dancers (including teenage girl morris dancers, who’d have thunk?) on Cornmarket Street in the middle of town, thus bringing all the ordinary fun of a road trip to Simon and I without having to go anywhere. Once again, thank you my dear, bizarre Oxford.


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