11 May
Oh yes… my blog. Sorry, almost a month’s absense, lamented by many far and wide, I’m sure.
Well, not sure what to report really – I’m still not an Auntie and if you give any more advice to my sister on how to induce labour, she will probably sumo-wrestle you to the ground. So we’re in limbo about that really. In the same week I turned down a ticket to the FA cup final in order to work. That is dedication. Okay so the work is in Belfast which was the main appeal.
I spent all day in the beautifully hot and sunny parks yesterday, and found that May 10th can be my friend, or at least not my mortal enemy – good opportunity just to chill and think and pray and be in God’s company properly, and allow some designated time to think about my brilliant friend for a few hours. Was good. And "Love Oxford" this morning with The Church of Oxford in the street was pretty kickass. There was something very cool which I can’t put my finger on about people geting baptised in front of the whole gathered Christian community of Oxford. Felt more like one family together, perhaps.
So the next weekend should hopefully bring a new (blood) family member and my first trip to Ireland, and in the meantime I will have a counselling exam, more househunting, another Wednesday as Ollie’s servant at the King’s Centre, and probably some more sunburn. 

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