Tesco, Tesco….

12 Jul

I saw a little thing that amused me on Tuesday. I’m not sure whether to be pleased or horrified.
Tesco has long been a home of the "10 items or less" sign. For those whose grammatical instincts have not been honed by long acquaintance with my sister, Simon Thomas and David Goldsmith, the express checkout lane should really be labelled, "10 items or fewer".
Now, I believe that other supermarkets have received so many complaints from outraged pedants that they have changed their signs to read "10 items or fewer". I think Sainsburys has now got it right, though don’t quote me on that. But only a couple of weeks ago I noticed with a sigh that Tesco was still clinging to "10 items or less", even in a town like Oxford where I imagine every fifth customer probably complained.
Well, on Tuesday when I went in, I saw that the sign had finally been changed. Realising that there was something wrong, but not quite being able to get their heads around "10 items or fewer", they have changed the express lane to:
"Up to 10 items".
I’m amused to think of the confused meeting they had, with dictionaries open and consultants flown in, trying to decide which opinion was right. I imagine a shining moment of genius when they decided to go with neither option. And I’m fairly proud of them for coming up with a solution. Heh heh.
Small pleasures.


One Response to “Tesco, Tesco….”

  1. Anne 14/07/2008 at 10:20 pm #

    Hey, Booth’s supermarket, in the Lake District, made it to ’10 items or fewer’ a long time ago.  When Colin Thomas (even more incensed by this theme than his twin brother) first saw the sign in Booth’s he stood stock still – endangering the flow of supermarket trolleys – and murmured "Sweet" in a kind of "Poop poop" way, reminiscent of the famous Toad of Toad Hall!
    Ah, bliss!

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