discovering there’s a line by crossing it

26 Jul
Most of the time, I completely sympathise with The Wombats:
"Let’s dance to Joy Division
And celebrate the irony:
Everything is going wrong,
But we’re so happy!"
I love things that are rubbish. I don’t know why this is – I think it has to do with being too English. As Bill Bailey says, "I’m British, so I crave disappointment". I like to enjoy things ironically. Some people think I’m not enjoying a film when I’m slating it and laughing at its awfulness the whole way through – oh contraire, I am enjoying myself immensely! I love to hate cheesy/rubbish/badly-made/poorly-acted tripe. It does, however, have to reach a certain standard of awfulness to be enjoyable ironically. I find the average chick flick/teen comedy painful but not painful enough to enjoy. High School Musical, however, definitely crosses into the enjoyably awful category. And then there are the few films that carry on out the other side and are actually too bad to be any kind of good.
This week I saw Mama Mia! and didn’t really know how to react. Some of it I enjoyed because it was rubbish. But I fear that most of it crossed the line back into just dreadful. I enjoyed myself laughing at Piers Brosnan every time he tried to break into song with that pained expression on his face. But was mainly left bemused and thinking, "why?"
This week I think I also crossed the road-tripping line. It has been mentioned many times that Sim and I enjoy getting lost for fun, and a "successful" road trip in our books requires a lot of failures, including getting lost, tresspassing, failing to find anything interesting in the village when we get there, inclement weather, being hungry, and general disappointment. Yes, this is fun. Honest. But trying to find a village called Marsh Gibbon on the hottest day of the year with totally inadequate footpath signs, leading to two hours hopelessly wandering fields, running out of water, clambering over fences covered in stinging nettles and having no idea how or if we would ever get home again, did actually finally cross the line from "fun" to "no, we might actually die."
Which just goes to show that even if you enjoy not enjoying things, there is a line somewhere.
Mind you, both those things are now funny again in hindsight. Which brings in a whole other category of enjoyment: "It’s awful now, but it’ll make a good anecdote later"…

2 Responses to “discovering there’s a line by crossing it”

  1. Simon 05/08/2008 at 10:20 pm #

    Just read this!  Amen, sister.  That line was well and truly crossed… you could say it exceded even our low expectations.


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