We may or may not not believe in something. But in a sort of politically correct way. And you shouldn’t too.

19 Nov
There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life.”
So, some atheist society (and I really have to wonder, what DO you do at an athiest society meeting? Sit around, not believing in things?) are running an ad campaign on London buses. This amuses me. It’s fair enough. I just can’t believe someone would run such a terribly boring advert. "There’s probably no God…" What?! That says just about nothing. I would want to pencil in, "so… what if there is? ‘Probably’ is a bit risky for something this vital.." Surely the athiest society in question believes there definitely ISN’T a God. What stopped them actually saying this, I wonder? And since they have really said nothing at all, what a pointless advert to run.
Thinking there ‘probably’ isn’t a God would never stop me ‘worrying’, especially not about things like what happens after you die, or what the point of your life is now. If you’re not sure, then that’s a worry. If you are sure, that’s not a worry.
But everything I wanted to say is nicely summed up in this little article.
I love the church’s response. They’ve said, "hey yeah, good on ya, get thinking and talking about these things," and have donated the campaign some money :o)

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