Quiet home life

2 Dec
I’ve not said a lot about home sweet home yet. It’s only when people visit that I suddenly realise quite how bizarre we have become…
Ahhh, the House of Baking – where there is always more cake than man can eat; where we crawl across the kitchen floor to hide from our friendly neighbour; where we stay up til half two playing a vocabulary game, or trying to think of a type of egg for every letter of the alphabet; where we get lost on the way to Sainsburys; where we take a stroll to feed the ducks in the pitch dark and cold; where we have inaugerated "Nice Sunday" so that there is one day a week when we don’t just cut each other down with loving sarcasm; where we spend all of Nice Sunday insulting each other and then protesting "Hey! It’s Nice Sunday!"; where Pride and Prejudice is quoted alongside High School Musical; where we write up a combat hierarchy based on who could probably take who in a fight, and then try it out.
Yup, home is where the normality is.

One Response to “Quiet home life”

  1. Anne Thomas 06/12/2008 at 10:20 pm #

    Mmm – it’s a bit like that here when you and Simon visit…. just add burnt socks and a boy in a tree! Hee heee. Anne

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