January oddness

10 Jan

Oi oi.
In terms of a number of days to weirdness ratio, 2009 thus far has probably been the most surreal year yet. Lots of climbing over walls; having frankly baffling conversations with strangers and stranger neighbours; a housemate suddenly possibly leaving us; watching swans trapped in the middle of a frozen river trying to break the ice; knocking ALL the pine needles off the Christmas tree, and then throwing it out of the window; climbing out of our neighbour’s window…. Charley came round last night and opened our front door to a stranger, greeting her with the words, "It’s a female!"
Have not laughed so hard in a while. Luckily she found the general hysteria quite funny too.
Actually I may have laughed harder at New Year when I saw the "Jesus loves you snow much" pencil.
I’ve decided my new year’s resolution is to learn my times tables. Announcing this has caused friends and collegues alike to suddenly test me, sneaking up on me and shouting, "six times eight!" No, guys, I’ve no idea. That’s the problem. I’m hoping that by the end of the year I will be able to add up my own Scrabble score in less than ten minutes. Maybe I’ll be able to do the Countdown number round! Imagine.
The other resolution is to think and pray properly about if and when I am going to flee this country….


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