ooooooooh look at the weather

5 Feb
So, more whimsically than last time…
This week has obviously been the week when all talk of anything but the weather is totally unthinkable. SNOW WEEK! I’m not actually going to be cynical about that – I love snow. And it hardly ever happens. The last time it snowed like this, I was bound to a wheelchair and couldn’t go out in it and was exceedingly bitter about the whole affair, so I’m quite determined to enjoy myself this time.
Took me two hours to get to work on Tuesday so I decided to try out "working from home", or w@h as the cool kids call it, Weds and Thurs. I thought it might be quite glamourous, novel and exciting. Actually it was quite dull and lonely. I take for granted how fun my oficina is. I went stir crazy being in the house all day on Weds, and suddenly found Simon’s really swivelly swivel chair immensely exciting…
Today was better because we had the most snow I ever did see, so spent a happy lunch break making a massive snowman in the garden. I say massive; it was taller than me. Make of that what you will. I came inside because my fingers were actually falling off (exaggeration may be used), deciding to finish it off later. Five minutes later I glanced out of the window to see that the whole majestic creation had fallen over and become nothing more than a pile of mush. I was gutted.
But, later on my homies and I made another one in the dark, and called him Bernard, so the story has a happy ending.
Then we ate two bowls of leftover icing; blue icing and yellow icing in equal proportions making for a nice balanced diet. It’s like how you’re supposed to eat different colours of fruit and veg each day, I assume.
Tomorrow I have the day off and very definitely a date with a sledge (or large plastic bag/tea tray) and a hill, so it had better snow again tonight.

One Response to “ooooooooh look at the weather”

  1. Anne Thomas 06/02/2009 at 10:19 pm #

    Glad Bernard rose from the slush! Have fun on your tin try. We don’t have a snowman but we did (temporarily) gain 4 rams the other day and we can boast a snow-topped African hut. Beat that! OVW

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