Things that make me grin and laugh at otherwise mundane moments

13 Mar
Being on the train with the unusually cheery driver, who announces, "this… is… RRRREADING!" as if unveiling the grand prize you’ve won at the end of a game show. The other day he referred to Oxford as "the People’s Republic".
Watching all the passengers exchange grins after this.
Remembering the seagulls, or any other amusing mental image from the last year.
Walking through the office, overhearing Andy telling someone he can drum, and remembering his Peruvian drumming ‘prowess’ six years ago.
Seeing a fine Shiraz.
In church, failing to keep a straight face when we start to sing "more love, more power", "pour out my heart" or "I could sing of your love forever" (all ruined by unforgettable Step team hilarity).
Working away and realising that I have somehow got "human slaves in an insect nation" or something from High School Musical in my head.
Realising my dear colleague Janie is talking to herself again, or singing Mary Poppins.

One Response to “Things that make me grin and laugh at otherwise mundane moments”

  1. Alice 13/03/2009 at 10:19 pm #

    Big smile! :DI typed :F by mistake. Looks like I’ve dribbled.

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