Go West

14 Apr
Has been nice to be down Bristle for a few days… went to the zoo (you’re never too old) and realised that not only had I missed Bristolian accents, but also Welsh ones. I hadn’t really noticed that I just hadn’t heard any Welsh people walking around for months and months, until I heard a whole load of them at the zoo. I know I’m stereotyping, but in complete truth I heard two different mothers within 10 meters shout to two different small boys: "Rhys! Come yur!"
I also heard someone by the lion enclosure ask their son, "do ee like ee?" :) Ahhhh Bristle, I loves ee I do. Makes I laaff.
PS More shouting at adverts to come when I’m less tired, as I remembered at least three others that make me want to throw things.

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