a bit of may

13 May
Didn’t get up at five and listen to the tower sing or see any Morris dancers. But I have been punting for the first time in about two years, to revel in the May sunshine.
Ups and downs – this month so far has seen poor Spike get nicked, and lots of faff about last year’s course. The tenth saw me weeding the garden at nine in the morning, having listened to a long lost laugh all evening… hanging out with Steve’s bro that weekend was surreal, but good.
I don’t think my body is yet quite used to working five days a week (yes I know, get the violins out), but I’m eyeing up the next bank holiday already.
Well, today is Joel Hugo Wilson’s first birthday (a whole year? There was a time before Joel?) and I’ve just been enjoying sitting in his minature ball pool. It’s rather relaxing. Today I made him laugh a lot by chasing him around the room, and then made him cry as he bashed his head on the cupboard while running away. Oh dear.

My sister is WAY too well acquainted with In the Night Garden, and can actually sing the whole of Makkapakka’s song, the thought-provoking lyrics of which I shall write out some other time…

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