The book of Metro

28 Jul
There were loads of things I was going to write about and never did and now the moment has passed… FYI:
Cheating death
Flight of the Conchords
Talking to a shanty town on Skype
So imagine your own content on those topics. I’m sure I’m predictable enough.
Yesterday, something caught my eye on the front page of the Metro, in much the same way that something might catch my eye in the Bible. The front page was about how half of the population was in favour of legalising assisted euthanasia. I am not going to offer my opinion about that here, as I actually think it’s not quite that straightforward… but what caught my eye was a quote from somebody saying, "the law is clearly out of step with public opinion."
And I just thought – surely that’s not what is supposed to dictate the law? Public opinion? Forgive me for suggesting that public opinion tends to be rather changeable. Is that a good, stable thing to base the laws of a country on? "We feel like doing that today…"?
Perhaps it was because I’ve been slowly working my way through Psalm 119 on the train, which is all about loving God’s law and trying to follow it with your whole heart, making every effort to stick to it like glue and never betraying it. I guess that sentiment in the Metro was the complete opposite.
I suppose it’s fine for the public of a country to agree on what they want to do about laws governing the roads or the bin men, but to change the laws of morality based on what is currently in fashion? Dangerous ground. If it was up to me, my word yes, it would be much more convenient to be allowed to lie and cheat, sleep around, make as much money as possible and live in a castle… but I can’t change the rules just so that they’re more condusive to me having a good time. I don’t believe I make them up.
It reminded me a bit of the book of Judges – a 21 chapter catalogue of hundreds of years of disaster. The refrain is, "In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit." If you read that as a nice positive statement, signifying freedom and personal fulfilment, I recommend you read the book. Mankind doesn’t change all that much.


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