I still love you

8 Dec

Goodness me, no posts at all for the whole of November. November was all right… it contained my birthday, which involved a donkey sanctuary, going all the way to World’s End (a village just off the A34), and playing blindfold hide-and-seek in the house. Pretty standard really. It also involved a mighty stressful weekend. Possibly more on that later.

November featured the first and probably last time I’ve watched The X Factor with our cliche crazy 70-year-old neighbour Julian. If I didn’t feel too mean laughing at his antics, I could just keep a whole blog of the things he does. Did I ever mention the sandwich through the first floor window?…

November also included a weekend mini break, ya dahling ya, to Switzerland, with the House of Baking… much fun was had. Much snowball fighting was done to try and establish the Hob Combat Hierarchy. I’m not sure how it worked out, but Liz came out somewhere towards the top, having rugby-tackled Sim into the snow. Nice one.

Seeing snow and tasteful Christmas decorations made me feel delightfully Christmassy… Our tree is up. Sim, aided by Tim, even baked, yes BAKED, gingerbread biscuits to hang on the tree. Sadly I came home from work the following day to discover they had all fallen apart and scattered themselves across the carpet. Ah well.

Right. To bed. To December.


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