Hair and tea

15 Jan

Hello out there.

Well 2010 for me so far has basically involved sitting in the house under a duvet and sleeping, with one very ill-advised foray in to the snow. Stupid illness. Pretty darn bored of it now. Come ON lungs!!

Anyway. Let’s rant at something more trivial. Like the free cup of tea you get in the hairdressers.
Don’t get me wrong, this is quite a nice gesture when they’re about to charge you more than £30… But when on earth are you supposed to drink it? It arrives just as the hairdresser is about to start cutting. You leave it to cool for a moment while they pull your head about, clipping half your hair up over your face. You are then prevented from even picking up the cup by the hair totally obscuring your vision. When the coast is clear, you hastily grab the cup, take one sip, and are then placed in immediate peril of third degree scalds by the violent combing and cutting going on. It’s all you can do to hold the tea steady without spilling it onto your lap, let alone lifting it to your more vulnerable facial area.
There’s a brief respite between cutting and drying in which to take maybe two sips of what is now very tepid tea, but you are prevented from getting far by the comments you have to make at this point about what you think of your haircut. When that conversation is complete, you’d better not try drinking tea while someone else is blowdrying your hair.
When it’s all over and you’ve completed the necessary chat, taken off the apron and brushed yourself down, you can make one last dive for your cup of tea under the pretence of looking for your wallet – but by this time it’s colder than Aberdeen and has some little bits of your own hair floating in it.
All in all, it’s a nice thought, but having your hair cut is just not a practical context for tea drinking. And if you’re anything like me, once a cup of tea has been made, it breaks your heart to just leave it there to die.


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