Deserting to the desert

6 Feb

Just a quick note to say that I am off to Peru tomorrow. Argh! 10 days of lovely hanging out in the barrio with Henrry and the family, and 5 days or so of the Latin Link International Assembly.

Don’t really know what this trip is going to be like or what to expect, and haven’t even had time to get my head round the fact that I am going – but I know that this visit will be all the sweeter for the fact that a few months ago I thought I was never going to see Henrry again. It’s a bit amazing that I didn’t buy my plane tickets in response to that, but that I would have wanted to if I hadn’t already done so… Work out what that’s about! Well done again God, I rather think.

I intend to spend a 16 hour flight trying to learn the subjunctive. Wish me luck.

Chau for now!


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