tea and drowning

7 Jun

Why is it so easy to pick the only two hours of a stunningly sunny weekend to go to an outdoor tea room?
I’d bigged up Jane’s Teas quite a lot (oh man, there really should have been a blog entry about discovering that place), but this trip wasn’t really the same as previous my idyllic trips there. Dan and I got out of the car in relatively sunny conditions, in t-shirts and flip flops, and three paces down the very lengthy drive, the heavens absolutely opened. Thunder crashed. Lightning flashed. Half way down we felt defeated and hid under some trees for a while. You can tell what complete idiots we looked by the reactions of the passers-by. A man who got out in full galoshes, ran coat and wellies to walk his dog laughed and said, "If you’re still here when I get back, I’ll give you a lift." Errr, thanks – how about a lift now??
Eventually we were getting soaked underneath the trees anyway so ran for it. In flip flops. When we arrived we looked like we had swum there. The whole crowd sitting under the marquees at Jane’s Teas took one look at us, laughed and cheered. Yes, strangers laughed at us. In true Dunkirk spirit, people budged up to allow us to sit down in a slightly dry patch, and Jane offered us a towel. It was quite a hilarious British moment really.
After a while, "I’ll go back to the car and get the coats and towels," said the guy opposite us to his family.
"Oh, that’d be great, thanks," said Dan, never backwards in coming forwards.
I don’t think they were quite sure if he was serious…


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