Latin teacher fulfilling prophecy

14 Jul

I went to Sarah B’s wedding at the weekend – and what a brilliant, fun wedding it was! It’s funny that I’ve been to loads of weddings now, but never in the company of my Bristol friends. Guess that’s cos she is the first to get married.

Despite a dance-off, an unfortunate vows blunder, and High School Musical being played, I think this might be the most amusing anecdote from the day…

Sarah is known for her extravagently weird dreams. A couple of weeks ago she had a dream about her wedding day in which, inexplicably, her old Latin teacher Mrs Bellfield showed up at the church.

Sarah is friends with Na, whose mum still works at Redland, although Mrs Bellfield doesn’t… but somehow this got back to the Latin teacher in question. She was amused. And in response she did something I would never have imagined her doing. She got dressed up and popped across the road to the church on Saturday, uninvited. She sat at the back in an aisle seat, so that Sarah would see her when she came back down the aisle.

Needless to say, Sarah DID see her on her way back down the aisle, and her (internal) reaction was, "Oh my life, Mrs Bellfield is here, my dream is coming trruuuuuuuuueeeee!!" Which was precisely the reaction Mrs Bellfield was hoping for.

I thought that was brilliant :) Kudos to our Latin teacher. Who knew she was such a joker?!


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