Extras II

8 Oct

I thought you might like an update about some of the bit-part characters in this story. The ones whose names aren’t in the credits because they don’t have any lines.  Some of them I introduced in May.

BMWU seems well. Still with flowing beard and unwieldy umbrella. You might not believe this, but there has been one day this whole year that I have seen him without his umbrella – and it was the day it was tipping it down with rain.

Now I come to think about it, maybe he really is as kindhearted as he looks, and had leant his brolly to some other poor soul caught without one. Maybe that’s the whole reason he carries it – in case somebody else needs it. Ahhh. I’d like to imagine that’s true. Bless BMWU. He’s a saint.

I haven’t seen Mafia Guy for some weeks. I can only assume he’s been bumped off and is sleeping with the fishes, anchored to the bottom of the Thames by concrete boots. You have to wonder.

I have established that HDIKYG does not suffer from the same problem as me. i.e., he doesn’t recognise me at all. All this time I’ve been going out of my way to avoid catching his eye so that he doesn’t greet me and leave me standing there with no idea who he is. But the other day, he got on the train with me at Reading, got off the train with me at Oxford, and followed me most of the way home, one pace behind. Without saying anything. He clearly does NOT recognise me. So why the heck do I recognise him? “How Do I Know You?!?!” I will scream at him one day, sobbing on the floor until I am ejected from the train at Didcot Parkway.

Last week as I passed the guitar shop at opening time, I caught CGWOTGS’s eye and smiled… He blanked me. This was a slightly crushing way to start the day. But I was soon cheered up by the sight of BMWU trotting down the hill towards me, his umbrella swinging and a smile upon his beardy, beardy face.


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