The English Riviera

19 Oct

I took a trip down memory lane last week, dragging two of my favourite people into my staple childhood holiday.

Torbay. Yeah baby.

Torbay likes to be known as ‘The English Riviera’, because they’ve got palm trees. In October, they also have:

Closed pitch and putt.

Some of Europe’s tackiest amusement arcades.

Suspect ice cream.

And the last remaining outpost of QS.

But it also has all the things I LOVED to do when I was under ten! Like…

Winning 4p and thrashing everyone at air hockey on Paignton Pier!

Crazy golf!

And… somewhere around here… there’s a fountain… a wondrous, illuminated fountain which changes colour! For some reason my housemates seemed less enthusiastic about this search for the fountain. Finally we found it. It wasn’t illuminated in October. I was quite crushed. So instead, we went to the park to look at…

Illuminated shrubs!!

Man, I loved those shrubs as a child. I’ve now come to realise that my parents were wise with the budget holidays. All kids really need to keep them entertained is a tiny golf club, a bucket and spade, and some illuminated shrubs.


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