Blindfold hide and seek…

1 Nov

… is a a great game to play with somebody you want to humiliate.

“We’ll all hide! You be blindfolded and come and find us!”

This sounds like fun. Until you stop counting, get up, and start to shuffle infinitesimally slowly around the house; arms flailing in front of you, feet kicking at the carpet, ears straining in vain to hear anything but the sniggering of the non-players following you around and taking photographs. There you are, a blind, helpless, crawling imbecile, just hoping and waiting for the moment when you will wave your arm behind the shower curtain and successfully grope your housemate.

An hour later, having finally located everybody, you take off the blindfold. “All right, so who wants to be blindfolded now?”

“Er… nah, that’s enough of that. Let’s do something else.”

Thanks guys. Thanks.


PS It was a great birthday party, Simon, thank you for inviting me.


One Response to “Blindfold hide and seek…”

  1. Simon T 01/11/2010 at 11:15 pm #

    It’s just a vision (no pun intended) of the future, love.

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