Growing up?

21 Nov

It was my birthday last weekend, and I was a bit sad that I had to work (again). However, the work in question was the debrief weekend for people who have come back from Latin America this year, which, though completely knackering, is also generally amusing…

So, there was surprise cake, which was nice. There was me sitting on a judges’ panel, making sarcastic comments about a fake talent show. There were also two of my colleagues dressed in drag pretending to be Shakira, doing an extremely disturbing dance at me. That probably did not improve my day. I never thought I would spend some of my birthday crawling underneath a man’s skirt. But I did. I’m trying to forget.

I think the fact that it was my birthday made us all a little giddy, and truth be told, the staff ended up acting FAR more immaturely than the gap year students. Mentioning no names, two of the guys had brought the work water pistol with them, and thus began a late-night water fight to herald in my day of days. It ended as an actual physical fight… the girls lost.

The next day, pondering revenge, I decided that I would use my knowledge of my friend’s “special pillow” that he brings with him to these things (snigger)… so my ally broke into their room and stole it. By the end of my birthday I was feeling quite smug about this. He knew we’d stolen it, and still hadn’t attempted to get it back. I mentioned this about 1am, and he just said, “Oh, I’ll just do without. I should have thought you’d know not to mess with me by now though.”

At this point, the response “whatevs” was misplaced. When I returned to my room I discovered they had stolen our mattresses.



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