On political protests and lip hair

25 Nov

So, a bunch of students occupied the Rad Cam for 24 hours or so over the past couple of days. I find myself feeling solidarity with them… in moderation. How British. Well, I think it is worrying and worth protesting about but I also think that most people have misunderstood or not read the actual method of fee-charging that’s been proposed… It will be basically the same as it is now, no upfront payments – it will just take you even longer to pay off your (even bigger) student loan. Which doesn’t really affect your life that much, although it is very unsettling to know that somewhere you have a £30k debt that you will never clear. I think what’s more worthy of objection is the very idea of completely cutting all state funding to higher education (except a few science subjects) – pretty much privitising it. This may have more disastrous consequences if some unis (cough cough Oxford) decide to go completely private and charge many more thousands of pounds of tuition fees… that really would be enough debt to put a lot of people off and I don’t know if the government would cover those sorts of loans for going to private institutions…

In other news, I also passed at least two people on the street today who were sporting impressively silly-looking moustaches. These were young men who could not really have been 1920s cricket players – but that is what they looked like. The end of the month is nearing; the effects of Movember are in evidence… Speaking of which, my friend Fergus has really made an effort, and not only provided a daily photo of his gaelic ‘tache, but also decided to provide the public with a daily fact about the etymology of the word for moustache in every language he can get his hands on. It is a truly educational experience, here.


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