20 Jan

As I grew, you were to me: protein, calcium, vitamin B. Subtle diffusion into my cells. I took your nourishment, breathed you in. You formed my bones and lungs and skin. I ate and I grew strong on you. And as you grew on me, I grew.

You got inside. Tendrils wrapped around each thought. You swayed my nervous transmission; my nervous condition, until we thought alike. I called on you for what was true. And as you grew on me, I grew.

Completely infected, moulded, perfected to match your imprint, like a hand and glove. Yours jealously, yours zealously – I wouldn’t fit another love. Not made for you, but made of you. The sort of thing we sort of knew. And as you grew on me, I grew.

And when you went, inside of me was left a living legacy. A mind and heart that grew around you must fill in the missing part. Your eyes read my books. You appear when I write. The extra in my dreams at night. I’m made of you and even though I think it less, I think we know. As you live in me, I grow.


One Response to “Grow”

  1. Mel George 23/01/2011 at 10:38 pm #

    I did lay this out in ‘normal’ verse, but in the end I preferred it like this… an experiment in rhyming prose. :)

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