23 Jan

Today we took a long-overdue road trip to an obscure hamlet with a funny name.


We surprisingly (and a bit disappointingly) didn’t get terribly lost. Proving this was difficult though, as there was no sign anywhere telling us the name of the village. We searched high and low, but not one millennium signpost or bench did we see. We could have been anywhere.

We finally rambled our way over to the church – a truly beautiful little church; 13th century, apparently – and inside, you could buy for 50p a little booklet all about All Saints’, Goosey. Hurrah! We had made it.

This was further verified by the picture on the altar cloth.

Amazing. Apparently, this place is where some monks from Abingdon Abbey kept their geese. Just look at the CUTE expression on that second-from-the-left goose’s face. Pat me! Pat me! The other monk is either blessing these feathered brethren, or is trying to fend them off. Not a goose-lover, perhaps.

Anyway, by this time we’d run out to things to do in Goosey and the curtains were twitching all over the village, so we decided to act out the name of the place in human letters.

A taxi drove past and honked his horn at Simon while he was doing this:

Yeah! Good times!!


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