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28 Jan


As my sister prepares to give birth to my new niece any day now (making me Doubly-cool Auntie Mel?), I was amused by cakewrecks this week.

I would also like to direct you towards this blog if you don’t already read it. I must add it to my list below, because it contains what I think is the funniest blog post I’ve ever read. I have rarely laughed til I cried in a room on my own. Absolute genius.

Why this plethora of links? I was inspired by Colin’s blog to return the favour and spread some joy. Hi Colin. Thanks. Also, when bored and procrastinating, the WordPress option of “random post” at the top of the screen is a very dangerous one. Be glad you don’t have that.

Which leaves me only today’s office youtube music video treat to share with you.

Yeah, my colleagues weren’t pleased to suddenly be watching this either. But Peru LOVES her. That tells you a lot about Peru.


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