Extreme Babysitting

5 Feb

A big welcome to the world to my newest family member, the lovely Abigail Elizabeth Wilson!

I had honestly only gone to my sister’s to babysit the nephew while she and Richard went out for her birthday. Several of her birthday cards advised her to enjoy her birthday and not go into labour. Advice she ignored.

My sister and I have a sort of fanatic enjoyment of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, due to that being one of only three cassette tapes we ever listened to on long journeys in my dad’s car. We know the whole thing off by heart. So, Tamsyn sat through the whole of Joseph that evening, determined to enjoy it despite a suspicion that she was having contractions…

What happened in the end was an extremely sudden onset of serious labour during the night, which led to some paramedics arriving JUST in time to avoid me and Richard having to deliver a baby. Five minutes later, Abby was born in the back of an ambulance on the forecourt of the Royal Berks, not even waiting for the midwife to arrive. No hanging around.

Is she destined to be a drama queen, a sprinter or a daredevil in later life? Perhaps. But I was born extremely quickly as well, and I wouldn’t say I’m *renowned* for my speediness now…

Happy Birthday, my favourite niece! Thanks for making me Doubly-Cool Auntie Mel.


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