Simple pleasures

13 Feb

I was amused this week by asking some people for their simple pleasures. Just reading the list gives you a sense of simple thankfulness and wellbeing. Ahh. Feel free to add more.

Friendly shopkeepers

Leaping onto the train just as the doors close

Magnetic knife racks

Cling film dispensers that give a lovely neat piece of cling film

When the toast (or crumpet) is hot enough that all the butter melts and soaks in

Rediscovering old books like Where’s Wally twenty years later and enjoying them just as much

Turning on the radio just as the adverts stop

One of my colleagues said: “Mr L just told me he had some dance moves to teach me. I saw a few seconds of it and now can’t stop laughing.” Neither could I, merely imagining that…

Really good, Enid Blyton-style triple-decker sandwiches

Skipping when nobody is watching

Having a student try to teach me their tictacs, when they meant tactics.

The Shipping Forcast

Starting a new notebook

Starting a new tub of margarine


Remembering that you have exciting leftovers in the fridge

Literal dancing

Skipping when everybody is watching

Disney soundtracks

And thanks to the person who, when asked for a small thing that cheers them up said, You. I’m half-flattered, half-annoyed.


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