Quiet carriage rage

30 Jun

Wow, I witnessed some quiet carriage rage tonight.

As the train was pulling into Oxford station, a girl answered her phone while she was getting up. A guy behind me suddenly started shouting at her:

“Don’t you know this is the quiet carriage? You should go outside!”

(I didn’t hear her reply. It was probably terse.)

He responded by trying to walk through me to get to her, saying, “I don’t like rude people! And I don’t like you!” Then he crushed past me and actually grabbed her and pushed her into the wall. Some of us separated them. He got off the train, swearing at her.

How many times do you hear people say, “I don’t like rude people! You are so RUDE, how dare you?!” while being far ruder themselves? In this situation, it’s pretty clear to me which was ruder out of: a) talking on a phone in the quiet carriage or b) swearing at someone and physically attacking them.


Everyone hates hypocrites. This makes them hypocrites.

Anyway, I am going to attempt to give up the internet (in the evenings) for the next month, so the innane ramblings may cease until August. Turn off the computer and go and do something outside in the summer evenings… Let’s hope that’s what I do. Go in peace.


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