Paper forest

3 Aug


So, shunning the internet was more successful at some points than at others, but it did bring some welcome peace and quiet, a reminder to do more fun things, and a chance to just think. It is also extremely satisfying to get that tragic email from Facebook telling you: “Hi, you haven’t been on Facebook in a while – a lot’s happened since you’ve been away!” Meaning: some of your friends have changed their Facebook status. Quick! Alert the press! In fact, it was getting this email when I’d been away for the weekend that made me want to give up the internet. It seemed so very pathetic. And I wondered why I hadn’t had one before…

Due to lots of things I’ve been thinking and reading about, I thought it was also a good time to have a little sort of retreat in my own bedroom and read through my old journals. I haven’t done this since 2006, and I figure that there’s no real point in writing down the stuff God tells and teaches you unless you’re going to read it again one day. It’s been pretty good.

While stopping to think in the middle of this forest of paper, I heard this song, which seemed extremely apt and made me smile. Enjoy. And next… tales of Ultimate Oxford Fun Times and more tourism in darkest Somerset…


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