Even better than Marsh Gibbon…

10 Aug

Where could possibly top Marsh Gibbon, you may ask? Surely there’s not a place in all the realm with a sillier name than that?

Well, my friends, welcome to:

Oh yeah.

Now, you might think that the name and the rain were enough to make this a succesful road trip. But, as we wandered down into the village, we discovered something completely brilliant. If for some reason you read this blog, or put up with my tedious witterings in real life, you will have learnt that every obscure village shows the evidence of a ‘millennium project’ – some well-intentioned initiative to build something profound for the Year 2000 that will last the next thousand years.

It’s usually a bench.

This is what Ryme Intrinseca has to offer:

The Millennium Gates at a church called nothing less than Saint Hippolytus. I mean, could they have found a more obscure saint? Did the founder think to himself, “No Saint Paul’s for us! In a village such as Ryme Intrinseca, only the most amusingly-named saint will do!”

I like to think so.

This all led to the delightful conclusion of actually being able to purchase, from the church, a postcard of the Millennium Gates at Saint Hippolytus in Ryme Intrinseca. I know we’re weird, but that makes a happy Mel and Simran.

And what made us even more happy was this amazing little village book exchange inside an old red phone box:

Okay, perhaps I was overexcited about this village because I’d just spent a very bleak hour wandering an eerily abandoned Yeovil town centre while Simon went for a dental appointment. Not really the highlight of my holiday. Yeovil thinks it’s amazing because it has an outdoor escalator. Believe me, after an hour in Yeovil, books in a phonebox look more exciting than snowboarding off the edge of a glacier into the mouth of a yeti.


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