3 Sep

A few months ago I got briefly obsessed with the idea of people who think they have superpowers but in reality just have very sad lives. In particular, people who think they have the power of invisibility, when in reality everyone just despises and ignores them. How sad would that be?

So I wrote a couple of stories about this, and one of them has finally appeared at Every Day Fiction – here.

Now I read it back, I realise it’s pretty ambiguous. I do love ambiguity when I’m reading – stuff you have to think about a second and third time to work out all the implications. But maybe this one is a bit opaque. I don’t want to spoil the rather nice discussion at EDF by revealing what I actually had in mind, so I’ll tell you here…

In my mind, Sammy’s dad is a junkie and petty criminal. His old friends and his ex-wife despise him. The scars are from fights and track-marks from shooting heroin. When he finally disappears, I imagine he’s wound up in prison, or possibly just had to do a runner. He’s given Sammy an explanation… but it can’t last. Hence ‘now you see me’. Do I need to explain the last line? Either he isn’t a superhero, or she isn’t special. What’s worse?

And yeah, Sammy is an ambiguous name – I didn’t really mean to do that, but for some reason I just knew that was her name.

I quite like this story, so thanks for all the nice comments!


One Response to “Invisibility”

  1. Folly Blaine 03/09/2011 at 3:37 pm #

    How interesting! I read it only as the father being a superhero, though the way you explain it makes sense, too. It’s like the story equivalent of one of those duck/rabbit optical illusions. – Christy

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