23 Oct

So yesterday I went to London, and while my friend was indisposed with a sudden bout of food poisoning caused by eating a dodgy sausage bap, I wandered around to the protest camp outside St Paul’s.

It was an extremely friendly, orderly, quiet place and it was nice to see a couple of police officers joking with some guys playing the saxophone.

I don’t really know how these guys think they are going to get rid of corporate greed or unsustatinable capitalism by camping out in central London. But I don’t think that’s the point. I am glad that somebody is at least speaking up and making the point they are making. And I am glad that the Church is (whether accidentally or by design) involved in this. St Paul’s has now closed for tedious legal and health and safety reasons that they had to comply with, but the Dean has been very supportive. What’s the Church? It’s not a cathedral.

These guys are making what Christians might call a prophetic statement. They’re being a visible presence and a voice saying, ‘This can’t go on.’ They have shown that there is an alternative opinion. Whether their occupation achieves anything is a different issue. At least they’ve spoken up. As Gandhi and this poster said:


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