the Whale

29 Oct

After a LARGE panic about not actually receiving our tickets through the post, West, James and I were pretty pleased to get into the Guildhall in Southampton on Thursday to see the fantastic Noah and the Whale.

What pros those guys are. It was top notch. I was left with only a couple of questions:

1) Where did Charlie Fink learn to do that little boogie? I never imagined he was cool enough to dance on the stage.

2) Why did nobody on the balcony stand up at any point?! When you’ve got a seat at a gig, you can only really stand up by mass consensus (thanks Britain), so we had to content ourselves with chair dancing. At least we had a cracking view.

I wonder why Charlie isn’t in two different bands, you know. He is obviously a brilliant musician, and writes these incredible orchestral scores (see all of The First Days of Spring, a truly stunning album, and the saddest thing I’ve ever listened to) – and then also cracks out these simple, cheery little tunes. It’s a bit like two different bands. But that combination makes for a great concert.

They finished the encore with the title track from First Days of Spring… when they began, I was a bit surprised, as it’s downbeat and sad; but I’d forgotten that it ends in this amazing soaring bit of violin which is really moving, powerful and hopeful – an awesome note to end on.

And in the same show, they can play this. Enjoy:


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