24 Nov

I was thinking today that if anybody asked me what my current hobbies are, I think I’d have to say, ‘Watching David Attenborough in the bath.’

Not in that way.

I did once buy him a sandwich, but that’s another story.

But really, I think I might have hit on the most relaxing activity in the world. Laptop with a long battery life, wireless internet, BBC iplayer, conveniently-placed toilet, and you’re away. There’s something amazing about languishing in a hot bath, watching the sea turn to ice. Those poor emperor penguins huddle for months in the dark trying not to freeze to death, and you lie there relaxing, slightly too warm. Drinking a cup of tea, if you really want to rub it in. It’s beautiful; you’ll completely forget about your day.

At first people mocked; now they have tried it and been converted…


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